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The Bretts Show

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Tom, Andrea, Briahna, Brydon and Garon Brett have been performing in Branson for 17 seasons, redefining the term “morning show” as they went.
With a new show, complete with an appearance by the up-and-coming group Prince Ivan, the family is setting their sights as high as they can see.Entire-Brett-Family
“There has always been this stigma that goes along with morning shows that they’re ‘B-class’ shows because they’re in the morning, and that simply isn’t true,” Brydon Brett said. “I’ll get on my soap box a little bit about this because if you play ‘Captain America’ at 10 a.m., less people are going to come and see it and it has nothing to do with quality, it’s because it’s at 10 a.m.
The family came up with the current show’s format and have been adding new content to go along with longtime favorite bits.
Some of the changes have come through the use of technological advances such as new visual effects and lighting. Brydon Brett, that adds to the quality of the show as well as the people they can reach.
“A lot of shows shy away from newer technology just from a time and money standpoint,” Garon Brett said. “We’ve found by adding new technology to the show, we can appeal to several generations. Plus, we’re kind of tech nerds, and we look at it as another way of performing.
“Being able to bring ourselves into the performances that way, as opposed to just getting up and singing songs, has been big because now our hearts and minds are working together to bring a great vision to the show.”
Between technology, talent, a full band, a highly trained lighting and production crew mixed with several generations of music, the Brett’s show is truly unique.
“There is just a different feeling in our show compared to any other morning show,” Garon Brett said. “With us, people get to see a real family really working together to be the best show in Branson, not the best morning show or best family show. Our goal is to be the best show in Branson.”

Prince Ivan

the-bretts-brydon-garonAfter debuting last year, the group known as Prince Ivan, which features the Brett brothers and longtime friend Aaron Ellsworth “doing their own thing.” which they say is a glimpse into the direction they’re headed with the Upstream, Inc., initiative.
“We really wanted to show some movement and progression and that we are indeed moving forward in this change that is taking place in Branson,” Brydon said. “We’ve found people want to be captivated, engaged, transformed and experience special moments, and it’s not necessarily about genre as much as it is about the feeling and connection they have with us as artists.”
The name of the group originated from a family member and also serves as a reminder for the message they want to get across.
“The name came from our 3-year-old nephew, Ivan,” Brydon said. ‘We want to create new music that is really cool, fresh and that anyone can relate to, especially the kids who listen to mainstream radio, but do it in a way that we’d never be embarrassed to show it to Ivan.”
Adding Prince in front of the name “just sounded cool,” Garon added.
That level of “cool” will also come across in both the originals and cover tunes that are slated to be featured in the show. The Prince Ivan experience is set to include original tunes, as well as covers and high production value.
“This isn’t ‘Disney’ type of music at all,” Brett said. “This has edge, grit and mainstream quality, but it is definitely family-friendly with positive messages and nothing that parents would ever be embarrassed about, but not corny at all. We are hoping to show the world that Branson can be a place where great artists and bands can come not only to land, but to launch as well.
“It’s also clear that people here in Branson are looking for something new and different, and our objective is not to be a ‘Branson show,’ but to launch from here and get out and tour and spread the word, but for the summer, we’re going to be in Branson.”
Brydon also said there will be no intermission, and the shows should run between 90 and 100 minutes. He also said the show will have more of a “concert” feel, and he expects folks to not only have a great time, but to scream, yell, let their hair down and get up and dance. The group also recently released a video for their single  Lean and Sway,” which can be viewed on

Night and Day

In addition to being a part of the 10 a.m. “The Bretts” show at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, shows featuring Prince Ivan exclusively are set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays from June 3 through Aug. 12, and 10:30 p.m. Fridays from June 12 through Aug. 14, with a final Friday night show set for Sept. 5.
For ticket and schedule information, visit
For more information, visit

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#1 Hits of the 60’s & 50’s too!

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For the past 12 years, the “#1 Hits of the 60s & 50s, too” show has been using state-of-the-art sound and lighting along with fully choreographed production numbers to highlight one of the most popular and eclectic decades of music history. Last year, they 1 hits groupexpanded their repertoire to include some of the biggest hits from the 1950s, resulting in a true entertainment experience spanning the most important eras of music history.

Why We Play What We Play

Matt Muhoberac, the show’s producer and his wife Amber Campbell, one of the stars of the show, use the music as a way to connect with their audience and make sure they have a good time. They feature the best of the girl groups, guy groups, Simon and Garfunkle, the Hollies, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Elvis Presley and just about everything between that defined a decade of change.
“Our philosophy is that people here are on vacation and not only do they want memories, but they want to have fun,” he said. “We have fun on that stage every day, and we know if we do, then (the audience) does.”

In order to get in as many songs as possible, each cast member gets an opportunity to step to the forefront and shine, belting out one tune after another.  “We’ve got such a great cast this year and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else,” Campbell said. “They’re all professional, both on stage and off, and they all do a great job.”

The cast features Justin Boudreaux, Justin Sassanella, Josh Barnhart, Ashley Jo Deaton and Kelly Wiegand. Each performer has an epic catalogue of music to choose from.

“There are literally hundreds and hundreds of songs from that era to choose from,” Matt said. “We try to get the biggest variety we can to reach the broadest group of people because everyone has their favorites and we try to get in as many as we can. You could do another two hour show of different No. 1 hits from that decade and never have one repeat.”

50’s and 60’s Together

As the Branson entertainment scene continued to change, so many shows seemed to remove all the great music from 50s. Matt and Amber thought that was a shame.

“The main reason we decided to add the 50s music is that so many of the shows that featured that music when we were here when we first started went away,” Matt said. “We talked about adding 70s music and things as we went on but there were so many people asking for music from that era we added it, and the response has been so good that we’re going to add some more next year.”

New Home, New Show

In 2015, the “#1 Hits of the 60s & 50s, Too” will call the Americana Theatre home.  “I think it’s going to be a great place to expand and grow the show,” Amber said. “We really want to take the show to the next level and we’ve added more music and more costume changes and we’ve got access to a lot of things to improve production that we just didn’t have before..”

In addition to the new venue and other changes, Amber said they’re adding a three-piece band to join the production.  “That will be so great for us and allow us to do so much more, but it’s just the first step for us,” she said. “We feel adding musicians takes it to that next level, plus the space itself allows for a little bit more production, as far as expanding sets, props and lighting.”

1 hits 60s lookWhile the future is most assuredly bright for the stars of the show and they continue to add new and exciting things each year, they’ll never stray from their roots.

“We have so much great music to choose from the late ‘50s through the ‘60s that we often joke we could re-write the show with 100 new songs every year and it would still be a fantastic show,” Amber  said. “And of course we’ll continue to move on into the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, but we’ll always be ‘#1 Hits of the ‘60s’.”

Showtimes for the “#1 Hits of the 60s & 50s, Too” at the Americana Theatre are 7:30 p.m. Mondays and 2 p.m. most weekdays.
For more information, call 417-339-1960, or visit the new website at

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Magnificent Seven Variety Show

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mag7-1Featuring the biggest hit songs from 7 decades, more than 200 rapid-fire costume changes, hilarious comedy and some of the best singing, dancing and drama this side of the Mississippi River, there’s little wonder why the “Magnificent Seven Variety Show,” or “Mag 7” as it’s known around these parts, has been one of Branson’s most popular shows for the past 12 years and has been named “Branson’s Best Variety Show” and “Show of the Year.” Spanning the essential big band era of the 1940s all the way through the contemporary hits of today, there’s something for everyone at the “Magnificent Seven Variety Show” at the Hamners’ Variety Theatre.

The Cast

Joe and Tamara Tinoco
Joe and Tamara Tinoco

“Mag 7” stars the lovely and talented Tamra Tinoco, multiple winner of the Female Vocalist and Female Entertainer of the Year awards. The heart of “Mag 7” lies with blond beauty’s powerhouse voice, which carries the show whether she’s singing a country classic, a rock and roll anthem or a Broadway showtune. Tamra has performed alongside stars like Lee Greenwood, Vince Gill, Ferlin Husky, and was Porter Wagoner’s special guest star on the Grand Ole Opry. In addition to being the show’s star, Tamra is also the producer of the “Mag 7” show, and has also produced several award-winning productions for stage and television, including “Today’s Country,” “Magnificent Country” and the “Showcase Jubilee.”

Tamra is joined on stage by her equally talented husband Joe, who has performed worldwide with some of the biggest celebrities in the industry, sang at the Grand Ole Opry on the historic Ryman Auditorium stage and has graced both the big and small screen with TV and movie roles. Not only does Joe sing classic country like no other, he’s also been known to belt out a classic rock song or two. Joe has been named Best Male Entertainer of the Year and one half of the Best Duet of the Year.

Talya Tinoco

Rounding out the Tinoco trio is Joe and Tamra’s 10 year-old daughter Talya. Known locally as a “triple threat,” young Talya is an accomplished singer, dancer and performer who has been performing since she was one year old. In addition to being one of Branson’s up-and-coming stars, Talya has also won Branson’s Young Entertainer of the Year award two years running, and took home half of the Duet of the Year award last year along with her daddy.

The rest of cast, Dusty Wooldridge, Jeanna Kilbane, Cameron Hansen, and Bethany Hansen, are without a doubt the deepest cast in any show in town, and they all get the chance to stand center stage and wow the audience.

The Show

While nearly every show in Ozark Mountain Country touts they have something for everyone, “Mag 7” delivers with a vengeance. The show takes the audience on a journey through the swing music
of the 1940s, the best of the early days of 1950s country and rock ‘n’ roll, the sweet, soulful and soothing sounds of Motown and the classic rock that defined the 1960s, the disco craziness of the 1970s leading into the crazier music of the 1980s and ending with today’s biggest pop and country hits.

From 8 months old to 88 years old, “Mag 7” is perfect for everyone.
For tickets and more information, visit or Show

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Patsy Cline Remembered

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Classic Country Music

C.J. Newsom - Patsy Cline Remembered
C.J. Newsom

For more than 50 years, Branson has been home to the best country music shows in the nation, and the folks at the “Patsy Cline Remembered” show, named the 2014 Matinee Show of the Year, are doing their best to keep that reputation alive and well.

Starring C.J. Newsom, the sweet and lovable Missouri gal with a big voice, and her “All-Star” band known as the Re-Cliners, the show takes the audience on a fun, entertaining and emotional ride through the life story of an American icon.
“It saddens me when younger people don’t know who Patsy Cline is, or don’t know any of those great songs,” the passionate C.J. has said. “My goal is to do whatever I can to help as many people as possible remember the legacy of such a great performer, especially the younger generation.”

Breaking Out

After performing in several Branson shows, C.J. decided to break out on her own and follow her dreams. In 2013, she opened the “Patsy Cline Remembered” – Branson’s Classic Country Music show.
Her goal was to not only pay tribute to Patsy, but tell the story of her life without doing an “imitation” of her. There was no way she could do that without starting her own show.
“I didn’t want to sing just a couple of songs because that would just scratch the surface,” she said. “Patsy, the lady, and her music, well that was worthy of an entire show.”
As C.J. combed the Cline catalog, she knew she had some tough choices, as far as song selection was concerned.
“We went with popularity a lot, but she also has so many ballads, traditional country and fun songs to choose froms,” she laughed. “We ended up mixing it up, and we have nice variety.”
C.J. performs Cline hits like “Crazy,” “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “Back In Baby’s Arms” and so many more of Cline’s most popular tunes.

The Re-Cliners Band

C.J. Newsom - Pasty Cline Remembered
C.J. Newsom backed up by her award winning band, the Re-Cliners

With the perfect voice and the perfect playlist, she then had to make a decision regarding whether she’d sing to tracks, or to a live band.
“I realized a live band sounds so much better and we are able to do so much more,” she said. “Patsy’s music was so elaborate, and there was so much to it, we ended up with a five piece band.”
The five piece band, known as the Re-Cliners. Members of the band include guitarist Josh Carroll, Terry Laird on the piano, Craig White on drums, Justin Herzog strumming the upright bass and Greg Moody who handles the steel guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle.

With that much talent and passion on stage, “Patsy Cline Remembered” is one of those rare shows that makes you laugh, makes you cry, entertains and educates.

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Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show

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The Variety

The “Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show,” is not only Branson’s best true variety show offering an array of singers, dancers, an impressionist, a ventriloquist, an aerialist, exotic birds, one-of-a-kind magic tricks and illusions, it is a fun, family-friendly experience that must be seen to be believed.

Dave & Denise Hamner

The brainchild of Merlin Award winning husband and wife illusionists Dave and Denise Hamner, the “Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show” is the culmination of a dream more than 25 years in in the making. Dave and Denise have been at the pinnacle of the magic community for more than 25 years, calling Branson home for more than a decade. After a successful partnership with ventriloquist Jim Barber ended in 2013, the Hamners decided they wanted something different. Very different.

“For many years we had a clear vision of what we wanted for a variety show,” Dave said. “And our new cast has the same feelings, goals and vision for this new show.”

The Voices

The first thing Dave and Denise did was recruit two well known vocalists in Tamra Tinoco, star of the  Magnificent Variety Show,” also at the Hamners’ Variety Theatre, and singing impressionist Jeff Brandt.

“We know here in Branson they like a lot of music, so we brought in Tamra, who is one of the best female vocalists, not just here, but anywhere,” Dave beamed. “And, of course, Jeff, who is a great impressionist performing everything from Elvis to Kenny Rogers and the Oak Ridge Boys, (yes, all of them) he also has a wonderful voice as himself.”

Hamners - Russians
Vadim and Mariya Serykh

With Jeff and Tamra on board, Dave and Denise kept stockpiling talent, adding the graceful and jaw-dropping Russian acrobatic adagio pair of Vadim and Mariya Serykh and the hilarious comedy of ventriloquist Brenda Hahne, who literally has her hands full with her Aunt Ruby. Dave and Denise rounded out one of the best production teams in the area when choreographer and dancer A.J. Heard and assistant choreographer and dancer Ken Brown returned.

Armed with the perfect cast, crew and production team, Dave and Denise went to work on a handful of all-new thrilling illusions, up-close magic and a totally new format.

In the spring of 2014, the “Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show” opened to rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

The Veterans

While the show definitely has its share of flash, there is also substance, especially when Dave pays tribute to the Veterans.

“One of the things we’re most proud of is we’ve updated our tribute to the veterans with a new original song by A.J.’s husband and local entertainer Bucky Heard,” Dave said. “We added some new interviews from Pentagon officials who were there during the 9/11 attacks, and it’s just powerful stuff.”

Hamner said he is proud of his wife, the cast and the crew for making sure the show lives up to its name each and every night and is truly “Unbelievable.”

“That’s the name of the show, but more importantly, that’s what we want people to say once they see it,” he said. “We’re so excited about the show, and what we have here, so we want people to have a full experience and to leave satisfied that they saw something truly unbelievable.”

From the time the curtain opens to the sounds of the classic rock tune “Grand Illusion” until the emotional finale, guests are treated to some of the finest entertainment on any stage, in any venue, in any place. You must see it to believe it.

Visit for more information about the Hamners’ Unbelievable and the  Patsy Cline Remembered Shows.

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