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Tom, Andrea, Briahna, Brydon and Garon Brett have been performing in Branson for 17 seasons, redefining the term “morning show” as they went.
With a new show, complete with an appearance by the up-and-coming group Prince Ivan, the family is setting their sights as high as they can see.Entire-Brett-Family
“There has always been this stigma that goes along with morning shows that they’re ‘B-class’ shows because they’re in the morning, and that simply isn’t true,” Brydon Brett said. “I’ll get on my soap box a little bit about this because if you play ‘Captain America’ at 10 a.m., less people are going to come and see it and it has nothing to do with quality, it’s because it’s at 10 a.m.
The family came up with the current show’s format and have been adding new content to go along with longtime favorite bits.
Some of the changes have come through the use of technological advances such as new visual effects and lighting. Brydon Brett, that adds to the quality of the show as well as the people they can reach.
“A lot of shows shy away from newer technology just from a time and money standpoint,” Garon Brett said. “We’ve found by adding new technology to the show, we can appeal to several generations. Plus, we’re kind of tech nerds, and we look at it as another way of performing.
“Being able to bring ourselves into the performances that way, as opposed to just getting up and singing songs, has been big because now our hearts and minds are working together to bring a great vision to the show.”
Between technology, talent, a full band, a highly trained lighting and production crew mixed with several generations of music, the Brett’s show is truly unique.
“There is just a different feeling in our show compared to any other morning show,” Garon Brett said. “With us, people get to see a real family really working together to be the best show in Branson, not the best morning show or best family show. Our goal is to be the best show in Branson.”

Prince Ivan

the-bretts-brydon-garonAfter debuting last year, the group known as Prince Ivan, which features the Brett brothers and longtime friend Aaron Ellsworth “doing their own thing.” which they say is a glimpse into the direction they’re headed with the Upstream, Inc., initiative.
“We really wanted to show some movement and progression and that we are indeed moving forward in this change that is taking place in Branson,” Brydon said. “We’ve found people want to be captivated, engaged, transformed and experience special moments, and it’s not necessarily about genre as much as it is about the feeling and connection they have with us as artists.”
The name of the group originated from a family member and also serves as a reminder for the message they want to get across.
“The name came from our 3-year-old nephew, Ivan,” Brydon said. ‘We want to create new music that is really cool, fresh and that anyone can relate to, especially the kids who listen to mainstream radio, but do it in a way that we’d never be embarrassed to show it to Ivan.”
Adding Prince in front of the name “just sounded cool,” Garon added.
That level of “cool” will also come across in both the originals and cover tunes that are slated to be featured in the show. The Prince Ivan experience is set to include original tunes, as well as covers and high production value.
“This isn’t ‘Disney’ type of music at all,” Brett said. “This has edge, grit and mainstream quality, but it is definitely family-friendly with positive messages and nothing that parents would ever be embarrassed about, but not corny at all. We are hoping to show the world that Branson can be a place where great artists and bands can come not only to land, but to launch as well.
“It’s also clear that people here in Branson are looking for something new and different, and our objective is not to be a ‘Branson show,’ but to launch from here and get out and tour and spread the word, but for the summer, we’re going to be in Branson.”
Brydon also said there will be no intermission, and the shows should run between 90 and 100 minutes. He also said the show will have more of a “concert” feel, and he expects folks to not only have a great time, but to scream, yell, let their hair down and get up and dance. The group also recently released a video for their single  Lean and Sway,” which can be viewed on

Night and Day

In addition to being a part of the 10 a.m. “The Bretts” show at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater, shows featuring Prince Ivan exclusively are set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays from June 3 through Aug. 12, and 10:30 p.m. Fridays from June 12 through Aug. 14, with a final Friday night show set for Sept. 5.
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